February 19, 2017

Idea Prompts

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This morning, I had black coffee, not too strong, just enough for a jolt to my brain. A sip of near half a cup will work that jolt.

Coffee drinkers would understand – it’s imperative that we have to have it first thing in the morning. In order for aimless thoughts to start making sense, or the heavy legs to start trudging, a cuppa is needed. (Sorry, tea lovers!) J

Then, with another half of a cup of black coffee more to go, I relaxed and let my mind wander a fair bit. I can’t speak for other writers, but allowing my mind to roam freely calms me and greatly helps in my creative writings. Like a comfort blanket to a giddy heart. I do lots of introspection and retrospection in-between but not holding on to a specific thought or matter. I let clarity sets itself. I don’t force it.

More often than not, an answer will appear or an idea will present itself. I get most of the ideas, especially the titles for poems this way. Though most of the times, I hesitate much on whether I should make it public once I finished composing those poems or some flash-fictions. Some have not seen the light of day yet, and perhaps never will. It’s ok. I write for myself, not for others. I compose them to soothe/heal, to be contented, and to be whole. Again, like a comfort blanket, but this time it’s to the soul.

And when the coffee has finished. What do I do next? ..... Simple....

The usual...

---> Contemplate on having a second cuppa. J

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