October 15, 2010

When Only Can I Get My Glorious Mood Back ??

Fed up !!! Fed up !!

Can't seem to be in my past glorious mood lately...

Damn !! Just can't seem to get it back ..

Inspirational juice is running dry too ...

Is it the weather ?? Is it the monotonous work ?? Is it the long hours ??

Is it the lack of venturing out - like I used to ??

Or missing someone too much ??

Or plain lazy ?? No, no - it can't be ..

Mood, glorious mood ...please come back !!!

October 13, 2010

Days and God ..

When the days are empty, where do you think God is ?

When the days are lonely, do you ever think if God is around ?

When the days are sad, will God appear to cheer us ?

When the days are difficult, is God going to make our hardship lighter ?

When the days like today, when I question and question about and of God,

...will God give me the answers ?

~ eVe ~

I Have Not Really Slept Past Few Days...

Since I got very sick last week, I had started going to bed early - like 10pm every night (thought of having some good rest for the body) and will only get up about 7.30am the next morning. That's like about 9.5 hours of sleep.

But what puzzles me is, every morning when I get up, I still feel like as if I have not slept at all.

I think I have an inkling on why I have not really 'slept'.

Mind was having funny-funny deep dreams.. it was like real.. though can't really recall the dreams. But remembered there were familiar people with 'like' real conversations, going to places, etc.

Old folks tend to say that the 'soul' had wandered around to the other side or dimension of the world. That's why, the soul had not really slept. What kind of world, what kind of side or dimension - I don't know. Beats me.

I don't quite believe it but how else to explain my physical tiredness even after more than 9 hours of sleep ?

Ah ..it's time for bed now. I hope I really 'sleep' tonite !