January 9, 2011

My Focus !

One thing I would like to thoroughly change myself is to have the mighty ability to remain focus on the current state of tasks or thoughts or even moods/emotions ESPECIALLY when I sit down to write.

Thoughts, ideas, inspirations seem to come as fast as they could go too. That's what usually gets me very, very frustrated. I could not hold on to it fast enough to narrate it down. My focus ... The first few sentences are often the toughest ones for me. That's why I can never be a technical writer.. I excel very much in creative writing.

Gone were the days when carefree leisurely mood dictates my writings of stories/topics. Or perhaps I haven't dug enough deep down inside just yet. Or perhaps I'm afraid too. Or maybe I'm unconsciously evading because I don't want to? But then I will have too..

Because my writing desk has a nice and inspiring view now that I've shifted it near the window.

I could see sunrise, Komtar, Pg Bridge, Pg ferry (albeit 2cm in size - ^.^), planes cruising over and by, birds flying high, the blue sea, view of Seberang Perai, and last but not least, the best part - large white clouds in a vast of clear blue sky just above me whenever I lift my head up high...

I have no excuse now not to write more and write better as well ... I'll force myself if I have too..