September 28, 2009

Are You Facebook-ing?

Facebook is great. I registered an account about more than a year ago but just never bother to do anything with it. Lying idle to die. Though I did use my account to peruse some ex-colleagues and childhood friends' intro profile but never really create and add any friends' request to my profile.

Idiotic me? Yes, what was I thinking? Beats me. Why don't I just be a bit more active and really go re-connect back with them, reminisce old foolish times and to stay in touch with them? Some really went far across the globe to settle there.

So, the past month, I did exactly the above, search and add this friend and that friend, and it was cool. Amazes me I could still connect back with buddies whom I've not seen well over a decade.

Above all, I'm satisfied with FB. Think I'll be staying active from now on - updating status, sharing, poking, farming, blah, blah, blah.