January 4, 2010

School Traffic Jam Back Again

New school term year starts today...kids going back to school again or for the first time.

Traffic jams will be back again during lunch hours near my place because there are two schools along the route that I had to pass through to get home. School ends around that time as well for the morning session ones. Parent(s), school bus drivers double, triple parks their vehicles in hazard ways. Can get heart attack manoeuvering my car around them...

Need to schedule my time not to pass by that specific road (though nearest to my house) during that peak 'after-school' hours. If got caught in it, it will take at least half-an-hour to reach my house and with my manual operated car, by the time I got home, my left knee and ankle will be numb. Old age signs – both car and owner...

January 1, 2010

New Year Resolutions

To -

Enjoy life to the fullest

Be nicer to people and myself

Concentrate more on my wellbeing

Trust my instincts more

Be more decisive and focus on my goals in life

Spend more time with God

Appreciate the many abundances in my life

Eat more nutritional food and exercise

Start indulging in my hobbies and passion more

Write and write and write

To Stop -


Worrying unnecessarily

Being a perfectionist

Being short-tempered

Being impatient

Thank you for listening.
You will keep track of my progress won't you?
(Btw, I'm a rabbit - as in my Chinese horoscope)