December 31, 2010

Au Revoir 2010 ; Happy New Year 2011 ..

This Year 2011 is my Year -> Rabbit !! So, everyone - be NICE to me !!
Esp Tiger n Dragon - or I wont give u carrots... Hehe..
As for Horse n Snake - I juz want to say I adore u both ..
And as for my Pig (well, wat more can I say) - "Te Amo".. very absolutely !!!
Other animals - hmmmm... I'm ok wz all of U.. !!
AND ultimately - to all my fellow Rabbit-ians ... It is our Year !!! Lets stand United - may tis year bring more luck, health, love n prosperity to us ALL !!! .... Hahahahaha!!!
By the way ... what do u think of my new NEW YEAR shirt arh ??? (^o^) ..
Happy New Year everyone !!! ♥ ♥ ♥

December 23, 2010

Too far ...

Today is the birthday of someone very, very special in my life... and i miss that person so very dearly... =(

Too far... too far, it's just too far away...