May 29, 2011

I Went Away ..

The more than a week long holidays that I had taken recently, was really good to my emotional wellbeing. Though I had put on a bit of weight during that time from feasting too much, overloading my stomach. 

But I had a great rest – a mental one that is. People say if you find yourself in a rut whether mentally, emotionally or even spiritually – it's best to go away somewhere – for a breather, sort of like removing yourself from the uninspiring place that you are in, to another place with different view, different scenery, different surroundings, and that it might just channel your mentality, emotionally or spiritually into a more focused state. For spiritual aspect, you have got to find a more serene quiet place.

Back to me, I had felt I had been able to conclude on a few decisions that had to be made, on some issues of my life, issues I felt had been hovering over my head – waiting and lingering for an answer, in which I had difficulties coming to one. So, it worked out well in the end. I do think now I have a clearer inkling on where I should be heading now at this point of my life – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Below are a few pictures of my getaways ..

1) I-City

2) Colmar Tropicale