August 19, 2016

Dealing with Fury

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This griping angst. This feeling of wretched frustrations. I can’t fade the resentments. I can’t dim the fury. I’m helpless. It’s debilitating, to my daily existence. I wish to survive.

I can’t hate. I don’t wish to have to hate them, those people. I don’t want to. But still, their unwelcome tainted presence wrecks my psyche. My spirit is broken. 

Stay far away from me! Get lost!


I recognize these emotions. J

So dark.

And I know some, if not many, had felt this way before. Harsh, but relatable.

This phase will pass, whether if it’s only a fleeting period of time, or taking longer than hoped. You can cease it. But you have to want to cease it. 

And when you have managed to ‘recover’, make a conscious effort to walk over to the brighter and lighter side. Then, work hard on remaining there.

Darkness is not forever, it is only so if you allow it to be.