November 8, 2012

I Have Surrendered My Puffs

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It had just crossed my mind that I had not held a ciggy to my mouth for like more than couple of years already. Off lately, somehow the lips and lungs feel like want to acquire back the taste of the smoky inhalation.

And it has to be a menthol. Either Salem or Dunhill will be fine. No, no Marlboro though. Don't like and don't know why. Not brand prejudice, just not the acquired taste.

Other names ? Never tried, never wanted to try anyhow. Just one thing - inhaled once a Gudang Garam (eon years back) - yanked out that alien stick from my mouth immediately - I would've spit it out unladylike-ly if not for my formal office suit I was donning --> have to preserve working image (*smirk*), some more was at my working place - which has a, so called - 'prestigious' ambiance. (*double-smirk*)

That taste from the Gudang Garam (GG) brand is foul - at least to me ! Unspeakably strong. And people say this production had more tar in it than others. Whether verified or not - I don’t know.

And that once you get accustomed to GG's inhalation, you will find that other brands are too mild in comparison, and just don't have the same 'KicK'. So, in the end, you will be going back to GG more and more, and MoRE !

Therefore, it's very bad, very very bad - to health. Not that smoking other brands is not as bad - it is. Just that perhaps GG may be far more detrimental. So, if you are already an existing smoker, but yet a GG acquired - stay away okay? Why put yourselves in a deeper health scare than you probably or may be already in. (*triple-smirk*)

I know - that includes me. But no, I am not a heavy or chain smoker, just a social smoker - if you know what that terminology means. Well, like - one pack of ciggy of 14 sticks (during those days they have that) - I will only 'use' half of it in a duration of say - a month? And the rest will be left to 'rot' .. i.e. become soggy, cause most of the times I don't have the urge to puff. Unlike commonly for most serial or serious puffers - I deal with stress in a different way ..

Well? Still can't comprehend?  Try again. Hmmm ...