October 20, 2016

Morning Alarm

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I could barely open my eyes. Its morning and a wet one too. Heavy downpour the whole night before until near dawn. Still drizzling now.I slept very late last night, I think past 3am. A habit I’m trying utmost not to forge. 

The good thing is, somehow or other I will ‘auto wake-up’ around 7.30-ish nearly every morning. My phone alarm is always set at 7am but I will sleep through it – always. Never mind whatever the music/tune I had set it as the alarm wake. It’s kind of useless – whether it’s a tyrant tune to shock jolt my brain (probably could give me a heart attack one day), or a soft tune to have a gentle wake. Or tunes of bird chirpings, dog barking, duck quacking, whatever animal ‘fill in the blanks’ sound to annoy me to get up, I’ll still sleep through all that. An apparent shame. J

I should just set my alarm to 7.30am in sync with my auto wake-up self-praised virtue. At least I can deceive myself that I am a disciplined person, that I could get my butt off the bed the minute the alarm’s tune strikes. No?

But I digress. L

And I forgot what I had intended to write here initially. Certainly not about clocks, alarms or tunes.

I need to go get my coffee now.

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