April 13, 2016

Melancholia Posts

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I scrolled through this blog leisurely. Plainly I discovered, nearly all my past posts are melancholic. I thought I’ll probably close off all the posts, it would be better. But I thought I can’t possibly dictate how my feelings should feel or when to feel whenever I come to express my emotions here. So I think, I’ll just let the posts be. 

Having imbalance emotions at times, or even most of the times – is not a crime. Should not be ashamed of it too. After all, human emotions are fickle. Therefore, there’s no need to fight it.

Giving myself space – a gap – between writing fiction and writing personal posts, is necessary. I need to separate the fantasy and reality (writing on this journal, that is) because hardship comes when both are intertwined. A blockage, a tug of war. Between conscience and imagination. Hence, my pen then ceases to glide freely, the writing pad remains empty.

But of course, if I spent too much time extracting out the ‘pictures, scenes, people and sound’ from the imaginations in my head and try as might to turn it into words on paper, eventually my core energy will get depleted.

And how do I recharge back? ….. Simply by returning here - scribbling my journals.

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